Hello!      今日は!       Hallo!       Dzień dobry!


I am Dasza Seyda, a self taught collage artist, who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

I use cut outs from magazines, brochures, books, papers and flyers to create collages.

My tools are scissors and art scalpels. Under the guidance of Japanese kirie master Shu Kubo I acquired the latter cutting skill.

None of my work is digital.

I have been creating collages since 2015 when I started out with portrait collages. Nowadays I also enjoy making art and commercial illustrations. In 2018 I cooperated with the German School of Tokyo Yokohama.

I am a member of the JIA (Japan Illustrators’ Association).

I was born in Poland, grew up in Germany, graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University in England with a SLT degree, then changed my profession to be able to follow my life long enthusiasm for art.

Inspired by avant garde photographer Madame D’Ora, whose work focused on portraits in the 1920s, I took up the name Madame D’Asza.


If you like to contact me for work, collaborations or just say hello: